Why is it better to invest in our leaseback instead of classic property?

Why is it better to invest in our leaseback instead of classic property?

Because it is all advantages

Earn more benefits without giving up to holidays. Thanks to this advantageous system, you buy the square meter at an unbeatable price and don’t pay VAT. Then, after the 9-year lease, you are free to decide about the future of your property (keep it freehold, sign up for a new lease or sell it).

Also, you can take the most of your weeks thanks to CGH exchange system and use your apartment any time during off-season periods.

Because it is synonym of peace of mind

Floods, leaks, burglars, problem tenants… these are things you won’t have to worry about. Your only concern should be what to pack in your suitcase, the rest is all covered!

Don’t waste your holidays buying furniture, cleaning or taking care of repairs. You buy a nicely furnished and well-equipped apartment and that’s what you’ll see stay after stay. Just imagine how good it feels to arrive to a clean and warm apartment with all the beds made up after a long and tiring journey.

Because your family deserves red-carpet treatment

Let yourselves be spoiled by our reception team. Would you like to have dinner outside or to order a delicious breakfast in your apartment? Do you need a doctor for your child or maybe a taxi? Leave it in their hands and they won’t let you down.

Also, every afternoon you can set your skies aside and put your bathrobes on to immerse in a relaxing paradise: the swimming-pool, the sauna, the hammam and the spa will always be at your disposal. And what’s the cherry on the cake of a perfect day? A hot chocolate with views over the mountains in the lounge bar.