Why invest in Le Ruitor?

All I wanted was to enjoy skiing with my family in the comfort of our own home without having to worry about maintenance and cleaning. The choice of leaseback formulas offered by Le Ruitor were what I was looking for!

This investment opportunity allows my family to enjoy a 4-star property, which also provides us a guaranteed annual return. Furthermore, my apartment is always in good condition: always cleaned and with all the amenities we need.

In addition, the particular characteristics of Le Ruitor’s leaseback scheme hold many advantages over other tourist residences. Below, I am explaining why.

Why is our leaseback more advantageous than the rest?

My rents are 100% guaranteed, no matter what the future holds

I got all my 9 yearly rents in advance. The 2.5% annual return on the purchase price pre-furniture, parking and VAT is paid by the manager via a discount from the purchase price. In addition, I didn’t have to pay VAT.

No strings attached

The leaseback contract will last 9 years. After this period, I will have several options: I will be able to sign up for a new lease with CHG or any other managing company, sell my property with or without the lease or keep it freehold. Bearing in mind that if the lease contract is terminated before end of 20 years, then a part of the VAT is to be repaid pro-rata to French authorities, this works out at being 1/20th per year.

I benefit from CGH winning exchange system

I can use my occupancy rights in any other CGH residence.

I can also exchange for extra weeks, according to the following criteria:

  • In winter: 1 high season week can be exchanged for 3 different low season weeks, 1 high season week can be exchanged for 1 low season week + 1 medium season week and 1 medium season week can be exchanged for 2 different low season weeks
  • In summer: 1 high season week can be exchanged for 2 different low season weeks

I take the most of blank periods

I can also stay 28 additional days in my apartment, or a similar one, during the off-season periods for free. This means more skiing weeks in the neighbouring resorts and more leisure time with my family.